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Festiv’Alliés, the “Partner Audience” concept

Making the Festival de Marseille association into a more community-minded institution is one of the developments currently taking place to ensure that the event is, and will remain, a genuine urban festival: an event that really belongs to the city’s people and involves them in its development, while never losing its ability to surprise them, move them—and even unsettle them. The idea of setting up a “partner audience” group emerged from this initiative.


The group comprises twelve festival-goers from a very diverse range of backgrounds. It acts as a focus group and a think tank for the Festival.

In 2018 the twelve partners were Molly, Daisy, Fatima, Marie-Ange, Ludovic, Anrifinat, Danièle, Thomas, Mohamed, Fanny and Céclie. Maybe you’ll be a partner soon!