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Meg Stuart

American dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart was born in New Orleans and now lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. Focusing on the idea of an uncertain and vulnerable body, her choreographic work moves between dance and theatre, movement and narrative, and constantly explores new territories.

Meg Stuart studied dance in New York in the early 1980s. As a guest of the Klapstuk Festival in Leuven in 1991, she presented her first long production, Disfigure Study, a piece that approached the body as a vulnerable yet resilient physical entity; this launched her artistic career in Europe. In 1994 she founded her company, Damaged Goods, in Brussels, producing around thirty shows including soli (XXX for Arlene and Colleagues (1995), Soft Wear (2000) and Hunter (2014)) and large-scale productions (Visitors Only (2003), Built to Last (2012) and UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP (2015)). The company explores a range of artistic forms such as video, installation and site-specific performance. Eager to create a specific language for each of her shows, Meg Stuart works with people from a range of different backgrounds, for example the artists Gary Hill and Ann Hamilton and the composers Hahn Rowe and Brendan Dougherty. She has undertaken several projects involving improvisation, including Crash Landing and Auf den Tisch! In collaboration with a local group of artists, Meg Stuart presented City Lights – a continuous gathering in 2016 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin). Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods has pursued a long-standing artistic collaboration with both HAU Hebbel am Ufer and the Kaaitheater in Brussels.