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European Premiere dance music

The Last King of Kakfontein

Boyzie Cekwana

Durban l duration : 60'

Mixing music, dance and video live on stage, the latest show by the most popular of all South African choreographers takes its inspiration from the many instances where democracy is denied by populists all over the world. The choreographer fiercely denounces their arrival by staging their demise.

Focus on Africa
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A major player on the South African art scene, Boyzie Cekwana is much more than a showman: he is a watchful critic of society. His latest piece, which he performs himself alongside two musicians and a video maker, explores the realities of the New World Order and comments on the capitulation of democracy in his country, establishing parallels with Donald Trump’s politics. Taking inspiration from the political force of the dancing and chants of protest that set the streets of Johannesburg ablaze in the 1970s and 1980s, he opens the doors of a democratic tyrant’s cardboard palace—a king with no shoes and no crown, wandering down a petrified hallway “singing his own praises as blood drips down”. Welcome to Kakfontein.


A co-production and co-presentation of Festival d'Avignon and Festival de Marseille.

Practical information

Where ? KLAP - Maison pour la Danse

5, avenue Rostand - 3e
tel. 04 96 11 11 20 /

metro stop National Loubon



Under 12 : 5€







Création 2017 Compagnie boyziecekwana | Randomirekshnz Chorégraphie et direction artistique Boyzie Cekwana Performance, musique et vidéographie live Madala Kunene, Boyzie Cekwana, Mandisa Nzama , Lungile Cekwana Lumière et régie plateau Matthews Phala Scénographie et costumes Boyzie Cekwana Vidéographie Lungile Cekwana Crédit photo Lungile Cekwana Coproduction Zücher Theater Spektakel (Zurich) ; Festival d’Avignon ; Festival de Marseille - danse et arts multiples ; Spielart Festival München avec le soutien de la Fondation Culturelle de la République Fédérale d’Allemagne (Munich) ; HAU - Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin)


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