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Adeline Rosenstein

The director, actor and author Adeline Rosenstein was born in 1971 in Geneva and has German nationality. Her approach, which might be called theatrical documentary writing, leads her to confront social and historical issues in a politically engaged and thoughtful way.

After training as a clown with Pierre Dubey in Geneva, in 1995 she graduated from the Nissan Nativ acting school in Jerusalem, then completed her training with a Bat-HfS-Ernst Busch directing diploma in Berlin in 2002.
After spending long periods in Buenos Aires and Brussels co-writing a comedy (Les Experts, 2006-2008) with the sociologist Jean-Michel Chaumont (UCL), she moved to Belgium where she has worked since 2008 as a dramaturge, translator from German, actor and director. She also plays an active role in local community associations in Schaerbeek. At the Théâtre Océan Nord and the Théâtre La Balsamine she presented the 6 episodes of the series décris-ravage, a documentary project on the question of Palestine which were awarded the critics’ prize in 2014 the SACD prize in 2016 in the « discoveries » category.
She has also written radio plays with women involved in literacy programmes. Her many collaborations with the academic world reflect in-depth thinking on the types of knowledge mobilised, constructed and conveyed by her work.
The documentary series on Palestine is on tour in French and in an English adaptation. In paralle, Adeline Rosenstein is working on new projects (les Flasques ; Bénévolat ; Poison 1&2).


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