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Festival de Marseille


The Festival de Marseille is constantly evolving and reinvents itself every year, highlighting the realities of our time by showcasing international contemporary creations. Rooted in the city that inspires it and open to the world that surrounds it, the Festival explores the roles and representations of the body in society, both on stage and in our minds.

With some fifty shows—dance, performance art, celebratory events, films and music—, its central pillar is creativity, fostering innovative forms and collaborative experiences with the local community. Local, national and international artists are invited to push back the boundaries of art and open up new horizons. Whether from Marseille, the Mediterranean area or other continents, they turn the city into a field of exploration, inquiry and sharing, where bodies express themselves and ideas meet and interact.

This year, many of the shows focus on the expression of violence and the hybridisation of emancipatory struggles with artistic idioms. They often joyfully use art as a space of formal and intellectual freedom that rejects habitually assigned roles and branches away from conventional pathways. Whether they are well-known performers, emerging artists or dissident voices, they share a desire to rethink and revolutionise our era, crafting dreams of a better future.

The whole team wishes you a wonderful 29th edition of the Festival de Marseille.

Marie Didier
Director, Festival de Marseille