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Exterminate All The Brutes


In partnership with ARTE

A four-part documentary

2021 - France / USA


In this four-part documentary, Raoul Peck revisits the history of white supremacism, retracing the chain of major nineteenth-century massacres that led to the genocides of the twentieth century, from slavery and the slaughter of American Indians to the Holocaust. A radical reworking of the way history is written.


Exterminate All The Brutes is a journey through time that radically revisits the history of European colonialism, from America to Africa. Pushing back the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, Raoul Peck (Oscar nominee for I Am Not Your Negro, winner of a César and a Bafta Award) creates an implacable dramatic structure made up of archive footage and scripted sequences played by Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor) that guides us, like a personal, visual and literary narrative, through some of humanity’s darkest hours. In four episodes, drawing from the books of Sven Lindqvist, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Raoul Peck deconstructs the fabrication of history and its silences—a history whose realities have been constantly twisted in the western world. He uncompromisingly hightlights the ideology of white supremacism and racism, forcing us to rethink our own private and official history.


SAT. 18 JUNE - 21:30 / Cité Radieuse / Diffusion : Épisodes 1 & 2

SAT. 2 JULY - 14:00 / Alcazar - BMVR / Diffusion : Épisodes 1 to 4

Practical information

2022 edition

Length 4 x 52'

In English with French subtitles



Admission free; prior booking required (


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Production Velvet Film, HBO,
en association avec ARTE France