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Mobile installation


Ief Spincemaille


From its landing on the beaches of Corbières to its embrace in Foresta, Rope will cross the city and invite itself to the Festival to share its story with the public.​ Rope is a giant rope that travels the world, creating an unexpected bond with the people who meet it, who welcome it into their homes, into their neighbourhoods, who live with it.

Open AIr Marseille on stage

Rope is a handmade rope that is 60 metres long and 28 centimetres in diameter, and weighs 180 kilos. It is too big to be used as a rope. But being used is what it is there for. During his travels, Ief Spincemaille tries to find a place for it in different spaces and neighbourhoods. Although Rope represents only an impenetrable and elusive part of reality, its very presence is enough to grasp the world differently. Rope is part of a series of works that Ief Spincemaille calls social sculptures (bis): disproportionately large objects with no intrinsic value that, when interacting with a given social context, take on new meanings and shed new light on their surroundings. After Ostend, Berlin, Potsdam and Guangzhou, Rope will travel around Marseille and keep a travel diary on his blog.

Within the framework of BE PART, with the support of the European Union's Creative Europe programme. With the support of DRAC / Préfecture déléguée à l’égalité des chances (« Culture et Lien social »). A participative project in collaboration with the Estaque nautical base, les Rameurs de Marseille, the Parc Kallisté 1 and 2 primary schools, ADDAP13, the Kallisté La Granière social centre, Coco Velten, La Cloche, Groupe SOS, l'Après M, the Grand Saint-Antoine social centre, Foresta, Alliance savinoise, l'association des locataires de Font Vert and l'association Dihya. Accompanied by IRTS and VOST Collectif.


Practical information

2021 Edition

Rope will run through the city from 23 to 27 August

And will keep his travel diary on

Collective departure for a performance at Porte d'Aix


Where ? Coco Velten

16 rue Bernard du Bois, 1er


Métro - 2 arrêt Jules Guesde

Tram - 2, 3 arrêt Républiques Dames

Bus - 82s, 509, 521, 533, 582 arrêt Nedelec Guesde

Vélo - borne n° 2240, Boulevard des Dames


Free admission


Photographies © DR

Création 2017 | Conception et réalisation Ief Spincemaille Aide technique Bout De Beul Recherche textile Leila Boukhalfa, Charlotte Stuby, Jan Duerinck Graphisme du flyer Eva Moullaert avec l’aide de Guido Devadder 

Soutien les autorités flamandes 

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