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Festival de Marseille

Fathallah TV – 10 ans et une révolution plus tard

Wided Zoghlami


2019 | Tunisia

Four young people's destinies, one neighbourhood, one decade, take us on a journey back and forth between two eras: 2007-2017. The clandestine images of life under the dictatorship are followed by the enthusiasm and then the disappointment of a revolution gone astray. Thanks to the bonds of love and friendship that unite her with her characters, the director paints a vivid portrait of her generation.​


A screening organised in partnership with Aflam, Arab cinemas. Organised as part of the Africa2020 Season, with the support of the French Institute and the Africa2020 Season Patrons Committee. With the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Department of the Southern Region.

Aflam and the Festival make their films: a selection echoing the Festival's programme, devised by the Aflam association and the Marseille Festival as part of the Africa2020 Season, in conversation with the dancer and choreographer Selma Ouissi and the filmmaker Tamer El Said. Shot before the pandemic imposed confinement on everyone, the films chosen speak of the aspiration to change and the ruptures that follow. They touch on the experience of leaving, of the absence of the other, which virtual communication never manages to fill, and also look back at the uprisings that have been taking place over the last ten years. Founded twenty years ago in Marseille, the Aflam association works to disseminate and promote Arab cinema to all audiences, to discover little-known films, to share views and to open up spaces for discussion.

Practical information

2021 Edition

Duration 80'


Rates 6€ and 4€
Reservation at the cinema


Photographies © DR


Organisé dans le cadre de la Saison Africa2020, avec le soutien de l'Institut français et du Comité des mécènes de la Saison Africa2020.

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