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Festival de Marseille


Salma Salem


Written and performed by Salma Salem, Anchoring celebrates woman’s ability to reappropriate her body, bathing it in light and immersing it in electro-pop… Throbbing and hypnotic, the piece is a concentrated mixture of strength and femininity, a tense solo expressing how urgent it is to stand up and fight.



Contained energy and physical power radiate from Salma Salem, her body anchored in the earth, resisting, fighting to stand vertical. Anchoring can be interpreted in two ways: as an abstract series of gestures and as conveying a political message. It speaks of the power of the patriarchy over women’s bodies, the way it controls the way they walk, speak…or simply the way they are. Through a ritual approach, the young Egyptian choreographer uses countless postures to impose her presence. Slight oscillations, tense looks, continuous undulations of arms and legs, pelvic rotations…all performed with extreme gentleness and unfailing determination. The piece is a manifesto that affirms women’s ability to create, to endure, to bond with others and to help them grow. It’s about elevating others and elevating ourselves.


En coréalisation avec le Mucem

Practical information

2023 edition

Duration 55'


Aged 12 and over

Where ?

7, promenade Robert-Laffont (esplanade du J4), 2e  

entrée Panier : parvis de l’église Saint-Laurent 

tel. 04 84 35 13 13

Métro - 1 arrêt Vieux-Port ou arrêt Joliette (10’ de marche)

Tram - 2 arrêt République-Dames ou Joliette (10 à 15’ de marche)

Bus - 49 arrêt Église Saint Laurent, 83 arrêt Mucem Saint-Jean, 60, 82, 82S arrêt Capitainerie

• Bus de nuit - 582 arrêt Capitainerie

Vélo Station Quai du Port, Station Mucem

Parking - Indigo, Vieux-Port Mucem


Price €10

Book !


Première en France
 En coréalisation avec le Mucem

Avec le soutien de l’Onda (Office national de diffusion artistique)
Création 2020
Conception, chorégraphie, interprétation : Salma Salem
Composition musique live : Ahmed Saleh
Création lumières : Saber El Sayed
Soutenu par le Goethe Institut et initié par Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi avec le soutien de Anna Mülter, Anna Wagner, Mohamed Ben Fury, Malek Sebai