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An emblematic figure on the current electronic scene, Rone is a French DJ and virtuoso producer acclaimed for his surging, hypnotic and constantly changing soundscapes. Standing at the crossroads between different worlds and influences, Rone’s bold collaborations in several artistic fields cross the boundaries of electronic music.

In his ten-year career with four studio albums with the Paris label InFiné and many collaborations under his belt (with Alain Damasio, Etienne Daho, Jean-Michel Jarre, Michel Gondry, François Atlas, The National, Saul Williams, John Stanier, Baxter Dury, Kazu Makino, etc.), Erwan Castex, alias RONE, has always tried to step out of his comfort zone and cross the boundaries of electronic music. His live performance in 2017 at the Philharmonie de Paris earned him the Prix des Indés in the Live category. In 2018, in the web & TV series “Variations”, he reinterpreted works by Benjamin Britten accompanied by the Radio France choir led by Sofi Jeannin. RONE then presented Motion, a 12-minute electro-classical piece where the dreamy arpeggios of his machines combined with the sound of 85 classical musicians from the Les Siècles orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth. In 2019 he composed his first soundtrack for a feature film, Frédéric Farrucci’s La Nuit venue, released on 1 April 2020.


His music has become a sentitive ally in global ecological awareness-raising initiatives: Hugo Picard, aka The Sailing Frenchman, discovered that whales and dolphins swim to the surface when his pieces  are played. He postes videos of this incredible encounter; others repeated the experiment with the same results. The images were seen around the world. A few months later RONE gave Greta Thunberg an excerpt from Motion to be used in one of her videos. Room With A View was followed by the studio album of the same name– his fifth album– on 24 April 2020.


Édition 2021

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