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Festival de Marseille

L'Âge d'or

Cardellini | Gonzalez

performance re-creation for Marseille



In a shopping centre, somewhere between a theatrical journey and a guided tour, L’Âge d’or explores the ideals of commercial architecture. The experience, which is new and deeply unconventional, invites spectators to think about the way in which this ultra-coded space acts upon them. A participatory observation that places them at the centre of the performance.

Administrative offices, banks, shopping centres… in their work focusing on architecture, power and capitalism, the Swiss artistic duo Igor Cardellini and Tomas Gonzalez propose a surprising visit that borrows its codes from guided tours to archaeological sites or museums. Here in Marseille at the Centre Bourse, L’ ge d’Or presents the American-style shopping mall as a kind of fake globalised city. Wearing headphones and accompanied by a guide, visitors discover the spaces, evolutions and challenges of this emblematic temple of mass consumption, replete with promises of happiness. A well-documented, erudite, fun experience that is adapted to the host city.


Practical information

2022 edition

Duration 1h10


Recommended for ages 10 and up

Where ?
Centre Commercial Bourse

17, cours Belsunce, 1er 
tél. 04 91 14 00 50 / 

• Metro - 1 stop Vieux-Port 

• Bus - 31, 32, 70, 89, 97, 509, 518, 525, 526, 530, 533, 535, 540, 582, 583, stop Canebière-Bourse - 49, 55, 60, 82, 82s, 83 stop Métro Vieux-Port 

• Parking - Centre Bourse 


Price 10€

Book !


Photos ©Michiel Devijver ©Anthony Gerace


Création 2021 | Conception et texte Igor Cardellini, Tomas Gonzalez Assistant à la mise en scène Pierre-Angelo Zavaglia Regard extérieur Adina Secrétan Administration, production Sarah Gumy, Elena Balzaretti Technique Sonya Trolliet Avec Dominique Gilliot


Production K7 Productions (CHE) Coproduction Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (CHE) Aide à la production Kunstencentrum Vooruit(Gand, BE) ; KANAL - Centre Pompidou (Bruxelles) Soutien Canton de Vaud (CHE) ; Ville de Lausanne (CHE) ; Loterie romande (Zurich) ; Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture (Zurich) ; Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art (Lausanne, CHE) ; Fondation Ernst Göhner (Zoug, CHE) ; Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature (Montricher, CHE) ; Fonds culturel SSA - Société suisse des auteurs ; Fondation Casino Barrière Montreux (CHE)

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