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Bruno Latour

Considered by many to be the most important and influential French intellectual outside France, Bruno Latour is a sociologist, anthropologist and philosopher of science. A maverick whose work involves several disciplines, he offers alternative approaches to the relationship between humans and technology, the Anthropocene, the climate and ecology.

Bruno Latour was born in Beaune in 1947. In 2013 he was awarded the highest distinction in the social sciences, the Holberg Prize. A professor at Sciences-Po, he is interested in the sociology of science and the processes of scientific research (La Vie de laboratoire), the dynamics of innovations and the philosophy of technology (Aramis ou l’amour des techniques) and philosophical anthropology (Nous n’avons jamais été modernes) challenging the distinction between nature and society, and political ecology (Politiques de la Nature. Comment faire entrer les sciences en démocratie ?) He has curated several exhibitions (Iconoclash, Making Things Public and Reset Modernity! ).

Bruno Latour taught for a long time in engineering schools, first the CNAM and then the École des Mines, where he joined the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation in 1982. Since September 2006 he has lectured at Sciences Po, where he runs the Médialab and has created the SPEAP programme.

Édition 2021

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