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Nolwenn Peterschmitt et Maxime Lévêque

Based in Marseille, Groupe Crisis is comprised of actors and dancers engaged in shared artistic research. Each of the group’s projects arises from the intimate geopolitical and poetic relationship its members develop with the world at large.

Nolwenn Peterschmitt was born in 1992. She trained at the Académie de Limoges under the direction of Anton Kouznetsov and then worked as an actor at the CDN Théâtre de l’Union and in the Zavtra collective which she set up with friends from the Academy (Il était une fois un pauvre enfant, directed by Jean-Baptiste Tur; and Transe(s), directed by Julien Bissila and choreographed by Delavallet Bidiefono). She then worked with directors including Jean-Claude Fall, Paul Golub, Thomas Ress and Martina Raccanelli and choreographers such as Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Festival Fari Foni Waati #1, Bamako), Franck Micheletti (Kubilai Khan Investigations, Collections Secrètes, Festival Constellations) and Delavallet Bidiefono. She is one of the three founding members of Groupe Crisis in Marseille, and took part in Drames de Princesses directed by Hayet Darwich and Ils savaient pas qu’ils étaient dans le monde with Maxime Lévêque. She will be acting in the next show performed by Cirque Inextremiste, directed by Yann Ecauvre and in Robins by the Grand Cerf Bleu collective. She will be directing Unruhe by Groupe Crisis, a show scheduled for 2022/2023.

Maxime Lévêque was born in 1986. After studying classical literature at the Lycée Lakanal and obtaining a BA in philosophy and theatre, he trained as an actor at the Studio d'Asnières and L’ERAC, where he worked with Gérard Watkins, Ludovic Lagarde, Hubert Colas, Thierry Raynaud, Guillaume Lévèque, Laurent Guttman and Catherine Germain. He then worked as an actor under the direction of Nadia Vonderheyden (La Fausse suivante), François Cervantes (L’Épopée du Grand Nord), Gérard Watkins (Scènes de violence conjugale, Apocalypse selon Stavros), Bertrand Cauchois (Terre de colère) Sarah Oppenheim (Les Joies du devoir), Duncan Evennou (L’Assemblée des Rêves) and Gilles Sampieri (Les Murs sauvages). He performed in the Polis group created by Arnaud Troalic, and wrote for two shows performed at the Comédie de Reims (Manger l’Aurore, co-written with L. Dupuis and Lève toi et resplendis, directed by Myrtille Bordier.) He also worked as an adviser to the director Titiane Bartel (Les vierges de fer). He will be acting in the next show performed by Cirque Inextremiste, directed by Yann Ecauvre.


Édition 2021

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