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Festival de Marseille



Mauritanie / Algérie / Maroc / Sahara occidental



Beyond the sand borders and the conflicts, four exceptional Sahrawi singers make their music into a universal language and celebrate their shared cultural heritage and their belief in the possibility of peace. A real challenge supported by their energy, their authenticity and their words as artists. A hymn to sisterhood.

Traditional profane or sacred chants and Berber, Touareg or Gnawa heritage fuel the musical creations of Noura Mint Seymali, a great Mauritanian singer born into a griot family; of the South Algerian diva Souad Asla; of Dighya Mohammed Salem, ambassador of the traditions of the Western Sahara; and of the Moroccan artist Malika Zarra. For this new performance, they are accompanied by renowned instrumentalists Jeiche Ould Chighaly, Mohammed Menni, Anne-Laure Bourget and Mohamed Abdennour. Eveything begins with an unaccompanied chant, which moves from voice to voice with a mere wave of the hand. The magic works immediately. United and powerful, they proudly embrace their condition as Sahrawi woman artists, symbols of dignity, independence and a feminist spirit.

Practical information

2022 edition

Duration 1 h 40 


Recommended for ages 5 and up

Where ?
Théâtre de la Sucrière

246, rue de Lyon, 15e

Métro - 2 arrêt Capitaine Gèze (14’ de marche)

Bus - 25, 36B, 70, B2 arrêt Billoux Mairie 15-16

Bus de nuit - 526 arrêt Billoux Mairie 15-16

• Vélo - station Gèze (10’ de marche)

Parking - P + R Gèze


Price 12 €
*10 € + 2 € donated to SOS MEDITERRANEAN

Under 12y/o 5 €

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Photographies ©Kevin Buy ©Antonin-Weber  ©GConnan  ©Radek Zawadzki  ©Barka-Fabianova  ©Jacob Crawfurd  ©DR ©Mohamed Nohassi



Création 2021         Soirée organisée en soutien à SOS MÉDITÉRRANÉE


Avec Noura Mint Seymali  (voix et ardin), Souad Asla (voix et percussion), Dighya Moh Salem (voix et tbal), Malika Zarra (voix et percussion), Jeiche Ould Chighaly (guitare, tidinit), Mohamed Abdennour « Pti Moh » (guembri, mandole), Anne-Laure Bourget (percussions, darbouka, cajon, daf…), Mohammed Menni (percussions, darbouka, karkabou…) Direction artistique à la création de Piers Faccini

Production Dérapage Prod Coproduction Opéra de Lyon Soutien Institut français  Une idée originale de Greg Connan et Olivier Conan 

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