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Cinna Peyghamy

Cinna Peyghamy is a musician and sound artist based in Paris. His interest in electronics and IT has led him to create his own sound production tools: glitch software, amps, synthesisers and motor-driven DIY instruments.

Born in Paris in 1995 of Iranian parents, Cinna Peyghamy studied engineering, musicology and musical IT in Paris, Montreal and Saint-Étienne. In parallel with his musical activity under the name Cikkun, he has developed a practice as a sound artist. His work focuses on the nature of the instrument and the way it interacts with the player via a three-step approach: first the construction of a new instrumental device (birth), then the assimilation and development of a musical vocabulary (learning), and finally the performance (the rite of passage into adulthood). By repeating this process, Cinna Peyghamy makes his artistic practice into an intiatory ritual that is constantly renewed. Since 2019 he has focused on the hybridisation of acoustic and electronic instruments, combining Persian percussion (Iranian Tombak) with a modular synthesiser. 


Édition 2021

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