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Love You, Drink Water

Amala Dianor

Amala Dianor is a choreographer whose organic style is unique in the way it shifts deftly from one technique to another via formal hybridisation and a poetic unfolding of otherness. The Amala Dianor Company, which has been associated with prestigious venues since it was founded in 2012, now has eighteen pieces in its repertoire and performs on average 80 times each year in theatres around the world.
Initially a hip-hop dancer, Amala Dianor enrolled at the School of Contemporary Dance in Angers in 2002. He then worked for 10 years as a dancer for renowned choreographers from different backgrounds, combining hip-hop with contemporary and Afro-contemporary dance. Since 2014 he has worked closely with the electro-soul composer Awir Leon, and occasionally partners with other choreographers, composers, writers, artists and directors. Amala Dianor created and performed the solo piece Man Rec, « Only Me » in Wolof (2014), the duet Extension (2014) with the break dance star BBoy Junior and the trio Quelque-part au Milieu de l’infini (2016). In 2019 he created his first large ensemble piece for nine contemporary and classical ballet dancers, The Falling Stardust. In 2021, he created two short pieces: the trio Point Zéro that he performed with his friends Johanna Faye and Mathias Rassin (multiple top rock world champion); and the solo Wo-Man, the female version of his own solo Man Rec. In 2021 he partnered with the artist Grégoire Korganow and made a series of short films titled CinéDanse. In 2019 Amala Dianor launched a collective project in West Africa that resulted in the show titled Siguifin.

Awir Leon

François Przybylski, alias Awir Leon, is an author, singer, composer and dancer. He stage name « Awir », which means « sky » in Welsh, matches the style that defines him: indie-tronica. Awir Leon has created original music for choreographers including Emanuel Gat and Amala Dianor.
 His first two albums, Giants (2016) and Man Zoo (2019) and his career attracted the attention of Woodkid, who invited him to join his group in 2020 and gave him the chance to open for him on tour in 2021 and 2022.
In 2023 he intensified his cooperation with the choreographer Amala Dianor, incorporating dance from the start of the creative process as he wrote his third album, Love You, Drink Water.

Grégoire Korganow

Grégoire Korganow is a photographer and filmmaker. His utopian work is the result of a process of stripping things to the core in search of an unsayable truth or a hidden intimacy. His way of seeing the body as a sensitive territory whose tiniest movements he reveals has led him to focus on dance, and since 2013 he has worked closely with dancers.
 For Grégoire Korganov, the dancer’s body reveals a kind of inner landscape. His photographs echo this, for example Sortie de scène (2014) for Montpellier Danse, a series of portraits of the world’s greatest dance companies, taken when the dancers were standing still just after the show, and his exhibition L’instant d’avant in 2020 at Chaillot-Théâtre National de la Danse. Grégoire Korganow has also made several films on dance since 2013 including Un temps de rêve and Les Voyageurs, selected for the FIDH in Geneva in 2019. He is joint creator of the CinéDanse collection with the choreographer Amala Dianor.

Édition 2023