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Festival de Marseille


The 28th edition of the Festival de Marseille will be taking place in venues across the city from 17 June to 9 July.

The festival is all about trust.

It’s about the trust we owe to performers who have come from all over the world to present an unprecedented number of original shows exploring forms, combining aesthetics and telling us about the world using vocabularies, points of view, stories and images that are still seldom seen on stage. The performances often celebrate the city of Marseille itself: its cultural diversity, its people, and its vibrant arts scene.

It’s about trust in the new generation, expressed via portraits, performances and expressive spaces that testify to the ability of young people to speak for themselves, to reject categorisation, and to address the realities of a changing city and a changing world.

It’s about trust in open-minded attitudes to the world, with a determinedly international and Mediterranean dimension and a process of intercultural dialogue taking place via a multi-facetted programme whose driving forces are movement, dance and bodies alive with today’s ideas and revolutions.

The festival will take place in some fifteen venues thanks to reinforced partnerships with major cultural institutions, but it will also explore the city at large: its rich history, the complexity and beauty of its heritage and the diversity of its neighbourhoods—because historic buildings, trees and starry skies provide such a perfect setting for art.

Festive, hybrid and global-minded, the Festival is eager to connect artworks, local residents and venues and to build a world of imagination that everyone can share.

With all tickets on sale for 10 euros and 2,000 special concessions available for just 1 euro, we continue to promote accessibility and to offer a Festival that everybody can enjoy.

I look forward to seeing all of you and join the team in wishing you a wonderful Festival!

Marie Didier

Director, Festival de Marseille