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Festival de Marseille




“Theatre that is lived, not seen”. Here more than ever Rara Woulib asserts this credo, immersing us in unexplored performance spaces. Here we are taken to the city of crazy people: people who are excluded and who we walk past but do not meet. The city of invisible people whose lives are no less real for being hidden away …

The Rara Woulib artists’ collective began in Port-au-Prince and Marseille over ten years ago, and has constantly produced vibrant poetic projects, inventing a kind of musical theatre that explores the depths of the city and restores unexpected ritual forms. For this new project, which deals with the question of otherness and our ability to embrace the strangeness of other people, the company invites us into the heart of its creative process in a theatre of the real. Rara Woulib draws inspiration from hackers and applies this to situations in the public sphere – a place of encounters and confrontation – and society, creating a new, unique form. Its secretive initiatives are designed to reveal the reality of a situation and gather information in order to highlight it and open it up to debate.


The show will take place from March to June in places that will be kept secret until the last minute.




Co-production Festival de Marseille - Lieux Publics - Festival d'Aix-en-Provence


Practical information


After attempt #1 and attempt #2 in April :


Next meeting in May for attempt #3

Attempt #4 will be presented on June 22 during the Festival


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