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Festival de Marseille


The highly original and creative duo “OY” features the Swiss-Ghanaian singer and musician Joy Frempong and the drummer and producer Lleluja-Ha. Their previous album, “a thoughtful and elegant synthesis of electronica, hip hop and pop” (Mojo, UK), drew paer of its material from sounds and proverbs collected during a trip to Africa, used to create music that is “eccentric, nomadic and saturated with colour” (Les Inrocks).

This time, with their album Space Diaspora, OY have launched themselves into space, a voyage that has accidentally projected them into the future on a planet inhabited and shaped by Earthlings: the planer Space Diaspora. Here OY find weird customs, unknown political and artistic practices and amazing sounds that inspire them to create their new album when they return to Earth. This parable in the form of an oddball journey (somewhere between Méliès and Jonathan Swift) is a framework that allows OY to give free rein to their multi-facetted talent  and to create an inspired, shimmering, imaginative work brimming with intoxicating melodies supported by the formidable voice of Joy Frempong and her “energetic flow jam-packed with soul and humour” (Télérama).

Édition 2021