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Festival de Marseille

Short film screening


A screening of four short films from the Aflam selection, a selection that echoes the Festival programme devised by the Aflam association and the Marseille Festival as part of the SaisonAfrica2020 in conversation with the dancer and choreographer Selma Ouissi and the filmmaker Tamer El Said.


About Separation
Kawthar Younis - 2020 - Egypt - duration 11'.
Yasmina receives an urgent call from her friend Yoko. She tells her that she must secretly leave Cairo with her husband as soon as possible. Revolted and stunned, the two young women spend their last moments together and try to say goodbye.

Companions of the Cave (Ahlou Al Kahef)
Fakhri El Ghezal - 2019 - Tunisia - duration 18'
Where to find refuge after fleeing persecution? That could be the question answered by this documentary, shot in Super 8. Inspired by the sacred text, its haunting poetry and its calligraphy, the director retraces the steps of the clandestine journey he shared with the rappers Jojo M and Galaaa from the mining town of Redeyef in Tunisia to Nantes in France.


The Promised (Al-Maw'oud)
Ahmed El Ghoneimy - 2020 - Egypt - duration 18'.
Government-appointed guards guard the historic site of Fustat, the ancient Arab capital of Egypt. Located at the gates of Old Cairo, this site of archaeological excavations is now threatened by real estate developers.


Nyo vweta nafta
Ico Costa - 2017 - Mozambique / Portugal - duration 21'.
The story begins in the hustle and bustle of the Maputo market, in search of a young woman, Nafta. As we meet her, a comical portrait emerges of a youth who dreams, despairs, cleans, flirts and works hard in the fields. Poetry emerges from this everyday life, through song and performance, revealing wider perspectives.



With the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Department of the Southern Region. Event organised as part of the Africa2020 Season, with the support of the French Institute and the Africa2020 Season Patrons Committee.

Practical information

2021 Edition

Duration 70'


Rate 5€


Photographies ©DR


Organisé dans le cadre de la Saison Africa2020, avec le soutien de l'Institut français et du Comité des mécènes de la Saison Africa2020.

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