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Élodie Rama

Martinique-born artist Elodie Rama has lived and worked in Marseille and Nantes for many years. A visual artist and radio presenter, she is above all a singer who has worked with many artists in France and abroad including Hocus Pocus, Natural Self, Sly Johnson, Bojan Z, Renegades of Jazz and Baloji. 

The first step on her musical journey, her EP Strange Island, was released at the end of 2013. After eight years travelling the seas, Elodie Rama is back with her first album, produced by Atom (C2C) featuring eleven songs combining Soul, modern R&B and pop, each title imposes its own rhythm and develops a sequence... Proud of her Creole identity, her music lies beyond borders: French, English, Creole and Spanish combine and contrast in her new opus. Each burst of sound invites us to embark on her ship bound for the New World. Her suave timbre and voice are instantly recognisable: close your eyes and let yourself go... In Letter to a Sister Friend, from her forthcoming album planned for early 2022, Élodie Rama’s voices are superimposed and the words disappear and become melodies. Laid back production by Jean du Voyage and the ethereal flute playing of Yann Cléry create a play of light and shadow between vocals and instrumentals... An intimate relationship emerges between Pop and R&B... The title, which references a song title from the Philadelphia poet Ursula Rucker, invites us into the world of Elodie Rama, to walk at her side, and to let her melodies be our guide...

Édition 2021