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Festiv’Alliés, the “Partner Audience” concept

Making the Festival de Marseille association into a more community-minded institution is one of the developments currently taking place to ensure that the event is, and will remain, a genuine urban festival: an event that really belongs to the city’s people and involves them in its development, while never losing its ability to surprise them, move them—and even unsettle them.

For this, the Festival is surrounded for the fifth consecutive year by a council of spectators, the Festiv'Alliés, composed of :








  Anna, who lives in the Camas. What does she like in Marseille? The sea and the city center. For Anna, the Festival de Marseille is a contemporary festival that highlights the diversity of cultures, and with a curious programme.











 Andrée, who lives in Saint Just. What does she appreciate the most in Marseille? The city center, the Vieux Port and the Mucem with the seaside.
For Andrée, the Festival de Marseille is poetic and festive and gives her the opportunity to travel as a spectator and participant.










 Cathy, who lives in Saint-Barnabé. The place she likes to frequent in Marseille?
The Mucem.
If Cathy had to qualify the Festival de Marseille, she would say that it is vibrant and mixed.













 Gilbert, resident of the Longchamp-Cinq Avenues district. The place he likes the most in Marseille? The seaside from l'Estaque to the Goudes, without forgetting the Calanques.
For Gilbert, what characterizes the Festival de Marseille is the political approach in the programming, with a concern for quality above all.











Karine, inhabitant of La Pointe Rouge. The place she likes the most in Marseille? At the same time the heart of the city center between Les Réformés, La Plaine and La Belle de Mai for its intense activity and at the same time the calm of the seaside. The Festival de Marseille gives Karine the feeling of living in the heart of the city great moments of sharing with a real concern of accessibility to the greatest number, the feeling of discovering innovative and creative artistic projects and the feeling of questioning the world around us.







  Louis, who lives at Cours Lieutaud. What he likes to do in Marseille? Lounging on the rocks of the Anse de la Fausse Monnaie.
Louis finds at the Festival de Marseille the possibility to see the world through another prism. He sees the Festival as eclectic and forward-looking.








Mima, who lives in the Cinq Avenues.
What does she appreciate the most in Marseille? Walking in the city.
For Mima, the Festival de Marseille is dynamic, colorful, and open to the world.










Marie-Line, who lives in Simiane Collongue.
What she likes to do in Marseille ?
The seaside, the city center and the Mucem.
What Marie-Line finds at the Festival de Marseille ? Commitment and surprise!












Marilou, who lives at the Timone. Where she likes to settle in Marseille? The Calanques, to be able to stroll, climb on the cliffs and take a little breath of fresh air. For Marilou, the Marseille festival touches her curiosity because of its artistic and cultural richness. The 2021 season inspires her to return to a joyful and friendly atmosphere!



Marilou, living next to Longchamp. She loves to go to the sea and to the Calanques, because it is always magnificent to see, especially the sunsets! For her, the Marseille Festival is a time of meetings and artistic discoveries. She can't wait to experience the Festival this year!