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with Seppe Baeyens

The Festival presented in 2019 Invited by Seppe Baeyens. A performance with an extremely simple set (a giant sky-blue rope coiled into a spiral) and a dynamic soundtrack played live by three musicians, which showed that hierarchy, difference, age and nationality don’t matter.

Dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens has always seen intergenerational work as being essential to showing the most human and vulnerable form of dance. The imperfection of dance and the way different generations relate to it are inseparably linked to his artistic creations.


We share below his interview for Belgium magazine Etcetera.






"I want to democratize dance and make the difference a force"

“You know, the processes we set in motion are in fact more important than the shows themselves,” emphasizes Baeyens. He admits to often encountering misunderstanding in the field. “Far too many people are obsessed with the creations, the playlists, the recipes. It’s actually the only thing that matters to them. I personally find such a point of view completely outdated." Atelier Quartier, the workshops he runs every week with the neighborhood and fellow choreographers like Yassin Mrabti, constitute for him the heart of his practice. (...) Baeyens builds his work slowly and precisely. For some time now, he has been putting together a production every three years to which he devotes a year of research, a year of creation and a year of touring.


Read the interview (in French)


Interview published in Etcetera n°161 (10/09/2020 - 14/12/2020)

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