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dance music French Premiere




All aboard for a hybrid show combining clubbing, contemporary dance and footwork in a performance staged by Bui Ngoc Quan. A stimulating experience for six dancers and two musicians swept into a multi-coloured soundscape.

Open AIr Dance

Bert and Stijn Cool are more than just brothers; they are soul brothers at Granvat, a creative sanctuary for their own projects and those of their many associates. Fans of electronic dance music, they experiment with improvisation and world music, minimalistic and acoustic sounds, exuberant electronic music and folk. In a powerful live performance on drums and keyboards, their infectious energy causes a shockwave that is amplified by a choreographer who is sharply in tune with bodies and sounds. First alone, then as a group, the dancers explore their feet like musical instruments: percussion, melody, counterpoint, beat. For Bui Ngoc Quan, playing with the unique character of each performer is essential to bring out the spirit of the group, which might be wild, silent or pensive. When the hypnotic chant of Boule Mpanya (Coup fatal and Requiem pour L.) rises in the darkness of a stage scattered with fragments of warm light, the experience becomes dizzying and spellbinding long after the lights go out…

Evening presented in co-production with the Mucem

Practical information

2021 Edition

Duration 60'

Where ? Mucem-Place d'Armes du Fort Saint-Jean

Entrance "Panier" : parvis de l’église Saint-Laurent

tel. 04 84 35 13 13

Metro - 1 stop Vieux-Port or 2 stop Joliette
Bus - 82, 82s, 60, 49, stop Littoral Major
ou Fort Saint-Jean
Tram - 2 stop République-Dames ou Joliette
Bike - terminals n° 2179, quai du Port
- n° 2031, Joliette - n° 2210, esplanade du J4



Rate 10€
Under 12 5€



Photographies © Boris Bruegel

Création 2020 | Conception granvat Chorégraphie Quan Bui Ngoc Danse Samantha Mavinga, Boule Mpanya, David Kinkela, Joffrey Anane, Hendrick Ntela, Raquel Suarez Duenas Musique Bert Cools & Stijn Cools Chant Boule Mpanya Régie son Nick Symons Régie lumière Yann Windey Management Rockoco Diffusion Frans Brood
Companie granvat Coproduction KAAP Bruges (Belgique) ; STUK Louvain (Belgique) ; deSingel Anvers (Belgique) Soutien Sabam for culture (Belgique)

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