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Bert et Stijn Cools


Granvat is a Belgian production company that develops the artistic projects of its founders, the brothers Bert and Stijn Cools, and their many associates. Focusing mainly on musical artists, this creative platform also explores the way music relates to other art forms such as visual art and contemporary dance.

Granvat embraces a wide range of styles and is especially interested in minimalistic and acoustic soundscapes, for example the group Hoera (Ghent Jazz Talent Award 2016) and the Book of Air - Vvolk project with 18 musicians led by the Cools brothers, one of the few acoustic ambient ensembles in the world. Granvat’s range extends as far as exuberant electronic music, world music and folk. Their catalogue also features a unique solo album by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the Indian master of bansuri; an album by the duo Solo & Indre (a rare combination of West African kora and Lithuanian kanklės); and Merope, an unusual mixture of Lithuanian folk and electronic music.
Stijn Cools is a drummer and composer who moves between a wide range of styles relating to improvised music. He works as a sound designer and electronic musician and also plays a number of Oriental percussion instruments. His artistic practice mainly involves experimenting with sound and rhythm. His studies in architecture and stage design have also informed his approach and shaped his journey through music. In 2009 he won the Ghent Jazz Talent Award and in 2010 the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. 
Bert Cools is a guitarist who trained at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He was awarded the Erasmus Prize for Best Musician in 2010. As well as his composition work, Bert Cools performs concerts all over the world (India, Mexico, NY, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) with his own groups and projects (Merope, Hoera., Book of Air, Vvolk & Fieldtone, JK's Kamer).


Édition 2021

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