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Rara Woulib

The Rara Woulib company focuses on rituals, exploring the resonance between the rituals of certain traditional societies and our shared space in the west, in which rituals have lost their sacred dimension. Rara Woulib immerses the spectator in a dreamlike world somewhere between the sacred and the profane, the real and the fictional, forming a unique perspective on reality.

Rara Woulib is made up of people from different backgrounds (social workers, cooks, medical personnel, musicians, construction workers, technicians, etc.) with a range of different areas of expertise. It has an original creative approach, exploring the boundaries of society, reinventing the creative process for each work, and constantly expanding the performance space. It brings theatre into the city: connected to local residents, it includes work on the Greek chorus that reveals the bodies and voices of ordinary citizens, their explosive power and their fragile balance.


Édition 2019 Édition 2021

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