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Quan Bui Ngoc

Quan Bui Ngoc is a choreographer and dancer who shares his time between Europe and Vietnam. He regularly collaborates with Alain Platel and the Ballets C. de la B.

Quan Bui Ngoc followed the Coline training programme in 1997-1998 after graduating from the National Dance School in Vietnam and a career at the Hanoi Opera. He first worked with Alain Platel on Wolf, and their collaboration continued with vsprs (2006), pitié! (2008), Out of Context-for Pina (2010), C(H)OEURS (2012), Nicht Schlafen (2016) and Requiem pour L. (2018). He danced in Bolero directed by Lisi Estaras in 2009 and jointly choreographed Je connais un lieu (2009) at the Istres School of Dance. He directed Jump or fall (2009) with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre. In 2011 he joined the Australian Dance Theatre for its Be Your Self tour.  Quan Bui Ngoc also creates his own work: between 2012 and 2014 he presented K. and Untold with 3art3 in Zurich.
In recent years he has worked with children, prisoners and group leaders; he took part in the group choreography for The Rite of Spring presented in Ghent for the Day of Dance (2018), a version of which was presented at the Festival de Marseille in 2019. He recently worked on Sculpture (2019) with a disabled dancer from Platform K and the multi-instrumentalist Karen Willems, which is still touring. 


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